Ji Xiang Confectionery | Ang Ku Kueh and more!


Ji Xiang Confectionery started its business from a kitchen in a HDB flat. This family run business started out selling only two flavours, peanut and sweet bean paste, to provision shops an hawker around the neighbourhood.

Their hand made Ang ku kung soon garnered them a loyal following, which led to the setup of their space at Everton Park in 1988. Since then, JIxiang Confectionery (吉祥食品, ‘吉’ ‘meaning Luck and ‘祥’ meaning prosperity) has been a mainstay at Block 1 Everton Park and commonly known to customers as Everton Park Ang ku kueh.

Till today, Mr Toh, is still the resident towkay of the business while his wife continues to be the chief baker.

Note: Minimum Purchase of $15 per delivery location.