Wanpo Tea Shop

Wanpo Tea Shop, formerly known as Wanpo Island Black Tea, began at a military base village in Taichung, Taiwan. It was a popular hangout spot where folks enjoyed their afternoon tea with a cup of aiyu lemonade. Now, Wanpo Tea Shop has expanded globally, with outlets in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and more. 

Just like any bubble tea store, Wanpo Tea Shop has an assortment of BBT flavours for you to choose from. Their menu features five categories: Pure Tea, Fruit Tea, Milk Tea, Seasonal, and Cheese. Most of the drinks come in two sizes—medium or large—and you can adjust the sugar level according to your liking.

To Order, visit the link below (Googlesheet)

Wanpo Tea Ordersheet

If unsure, please contact via whatsapp: 

Rin 8859 8225

Henri 9336 4127

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