Wunderfood Story

Wunderfood is founded on this realness that healthy and nutritious food can taste great yet stay affordable. There’s no sugar-coating it – no nasty additives, nothing artificial in Wunderfood. We're for real!


Our mission

We keep it real

We know you're busy, so put some freedom back in your life as you say goodbye to meal prep and hello to more time to do what you love!



  • What is a Wunderfood Shake?
    The Wunderfood Shake is like an instant smoothie, specifically catered for your busy lifestyle. It covers your daily nutrition and vitamins you’d need in a balanced meal to keep you going. It is made in a convenient, easy to prepare sachet so you can have it anytime, anywhere. Simply pour a sachet into the bottle and mix it with 200ml-500ml of water for a quick, convenient meal option. You may also mix it with milk, coconut water or plant-based milk for higher satiety.
  • How do I store the Wunderfood Shake?
    Store the shake sachets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend using the shake immediately once you’ve opened each sachet.


Note: Minimum purchase of $40 from Wunderfood per delivery location.