[4 Flavours] Granny's Chao Ta Cheesecakes

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Approx 700g

Granny takes up the challenge of Basque burnt cheesecake with her own signature renditions that are “Just Nice”! Perfectly balanced richness with just the right amount of sweetness, and best part yet, at just the right price, now this is ‘value-for-money’ on Granny’s terms.


[Granny's Chao Ta Cheesecake Sesame]
Ah Mah Homemade Cake's latest creation, Sesame Chao Ta Cheesecake! A nutty and nutritious rendition on our interpretation of the wildly popular Basque burnt cheesecake.

[Granny’s Chao Ta Cheesecake Original]
A classic crowd-pleaser, Granny’s Chao Ta Cheesecake Original features a charmingly blistered crown with irresistibly smooth and creamy insides. Baked fresh daily with just the right amount of sweetness, creaminess and savoury cheesiness.

[Granny’s Chao Ta Cheesecake Ondeh Ondeh]
Lovingly crafted with a balanced combination of natural fragrant pandan juice, desiccated coconut bits fried in gula melaka and velvety cream cheese. 

[Granny's Chao Ta Cheesecake Yuzu]
A refreshing sweet treat to brighten anyone’s day, or a crafty secret message to send to your crush, the pretty layers of this Yuzu Basque cheesecake is a right charmer! A bright and citrusy flavour that tastes as good as it looks, with a pastel blue layer from natural Butterfly Pea Flower.



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