Bak Zhen Chicken Soup (Set of 3 packs)

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3 packs per box (Serves 3)

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Weight: 705 g
    Make a bowl of soup or a nutritious meal with eggs & noodles in less than 5mins!
    Bring it anywhere with you! - Office, Gym, School, wherever, whenever!
    No preservatives or any artificial flavorings - only goodness from the herbs!
Specially formulated by our TCM physician to cater to general public's palate and body condition which is also suitable for Singapore's tropical climate modulation

This recipe is a breakthrough from the traditional Bak Zhen Soup as it is milder to be consumed more frequently without the worry of it being be too heaty for the body.

It smells of natural herbal aroma and has a sweet taste with no bitterness!

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