Jewel Coffee - Crystal Ball

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Jewel Coffee - Crystal Ball (Box of 10s caps)

We're so excited to be sharing this. Now you can enjoy Jewel Coffee specialty coffee anytime, anywhere. Let us help you get started with that expert brew.

Our capsules are Nespresso compatible and 100% biodegradable and compostable.

From Farm To Cup - Crystal Ball Blend

"All for fun, and fun for all". Inspired by Prince and his unreleased Crystal Ball album, our blend is a bold exploration of beans from various growing regions in Central America, Southeast Asia and East Africa. The brew is truly a party in the mouth with the tartness of starfruit and a butterscotch finish.

  • Flavour Notes: Red Apple, Starfruit, Butterscotch
  • Origins: El Salvador, Sumatra, Rwanda
  • Intensity: 8



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