Right Cut - Tenderloin (200g)

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The Tenderloin (also known as the Filet Mignon) is widely regarded as the most tender part of the beef, hence its name. And is the most prized cut on the entire animal.

This luxurious cut is a long thin muscle found within the short loin, and is the most desirable and expensive cut of beef available. Although not as flavourful, the meat is lean with a fine texture


“Right Chef Pack” Choose 1 of 3 Signature Sauces:

  • a) Red Wine Reduction
  • b) Black Pepper Explosion
  • c) Mushroom Madness

    Other items in Right Chef Pack include Butter, Sea Salt & Pepper.

Steak Product is vacuum sealed and frozen ( in Sous Vide so just need to sear for 1.5 min on each side after thawing. Contact us if you request for Raw instead ) 


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