Right Cut - Wagyu Ribeye

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Wagyu Ribeye

The Wagyu Ribeye spectacular marbling oozes out a silky buttery texture, and is bursting with umami flavour.

Its abundance of fat ensures a juicy, tender, and flavoursome eating experience. The fat in Wagyu has a melting point lower than the human body temperature, which is what makes it melt in your mouth.


 “Right Chef Pack” Choose 1 of 3 Signature Sauces:

  • a) Red Wine Reduction
  • b) Black Pepper Explosion
  • c) Mushroom Madness

Other items in Right Chef Pack include Butter, Sea Salt & Pepper.

Steak Product is vacuum sealed and frozen ( in Sous Vide so just need to sear for 1.5 min on each side after thawing. Contact us if you request for Raw instead ) 


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